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Confined space training is a crucial aspect of workplace safety that is often overlooked. We will explore why confined space training is important and the risks associated with working in confined spaces. We will also discuss the legal requirements and regulations governing confined space training and the responsibilities of employers and employees. Learn about the […]

About Professional Education services: Professional Education Services, LP (PEPS) is a California limited partnership. PERS provides quality continuing education largely for accountants, CPA’s, registered CPAs, enrolled agents and managers nationwide. PERS PERS offers many options. Students can get accredited with their chosen school of choice as well as a variety of non-profit organizations nationwide including […]

What is workplace training and why is it so important? Workplace training is the systematic process of developing efficiency, knowledge and skills in your job. Employees undergo different types of training based on their individual needs, the urgency of the need and the availability of available resources. Training Categories Training is divided into two categories: […]