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The importance of access standards has become even more significant with the growth of medical technology and its ability to reduce or eliminate the need for a physical barrier between the patient and the medical professional. In the past, most physicians and other health care professionals used manual instruments and techniques when working in a […]

The Disability Rights Movement, or DMRM as it is commonly called, is an international social movement to promote equal rights and equal opportunities for those with disabilities. Its goal is to eliminate discrimination, protect disabled individuals and their families from harassment, and provide them with quality services that can help them live their lives free […]

An electric mobility scooter helps disabled or limited-ability adults reclaim parts of the lives once thought unreachable. Shopping, travelling, and even going out of the door can be very difficult, especially for those with limited mobility. But an electric mobility scooter makes these activities possible, without the help of a motorized vehicle. Batteries There are […]