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Advantages Of Workplace Training And Assessments

workplace training

What is workplace training and why is it so important? Workplace training is the systematic process of developing efficiency, knowledge and skills in your job. Employees undergo different types of training based on their individual needs, the urgency of the need and the availability of available resources.

Training Categories

Training is divided into two categories: academic and practical. Academic training deals with a particular topic and is designed to teach workers how to do something or solve a problem. Practical training, however, is designed to train workers in the everyday operations and techniques that are essential for their job. The training must be done after a thorough assessment of the skills, knowledge and abilities of the individual. Training and assessment are also referred to as assessments.

These two types of workplace training benefit employers and employees. For employers, an assessment is a means to determine whether or not the worker needs additional training or if any existing skills need improvement. For employees, it can be a matter of life or death because failing to properly perform tasks can result in lost time and money.


Some employers require an employee to acquire a workplace training certificate for further employment. This certification acts as proof that the employee has already undergone a formal training session and has learned everything that was taught to him. A certificate can also serve as a bargaining chip when the employee decides to transfer his position.

Most employees do not necessarily require a job training certificate to move up in the company. An employer can ask for a formal training course or an assessment as a way of getting more valuable information from the employee.


Job training and assessment benefit both employers and employees because it can reduce the risks of job losses. Employees with better training and skills are less likely to get sick or become injured on the job. On the other hand, employers can identify those employees who have been able to learn new jobs without additional training, thus reducing the number of job vacancies which translates to more profits for the company.

workplace training

Assessment and training also help companies develop employee skills. Those skills may include leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. These skills will make the employees more desirable to their future employers and can also translate to more productive workers in the future.

Employers must assess the effectiveness of the training and assessment before they hire employees. This is because if they do not do, then the company could be losing out on potential employees. Even a well-planned assessment can have several disadvantages. The assessment should be done well and it should take into consideration not only the skills knowledge and abilities of the employees but also their personality traits.


One disadvantage of assessment and training is that it may be costly. There is also no guarantee that the employees will benefit from the training. The cost of the assessment may go higher if the employee fails to respond positively. Another disadvantage is that employees who fail to respond positively may not get the same results that other employees with a good assessment will get.

Assessments and training programs can have negative side effects for the company. Employees who are not properly trained and monitored may be less attentive and less interested in work. These employees may be more inclined to slack off and use their free time to do things that are not related to work.

Employers should ensure that the assessment is carefully structured and made with the needs and goals of the company in mind. Because some people have learning disabilities or may not be suited for certain work settings, the assessment must cover these aspects. before hiring them. The assessment should also be customized to meet the needs of the company.

Some assessment may need to be repeated every year to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the training and assessment. If the training program has had some positive results, then the employers should consider using the training in the future.

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