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A Look at Professional Education Services

professional education

About Professional Education services: Professional Education Services, LP (PEPS) is a California limited partnership. PERS provides quality continuing education largely for accountants, CPA’s, registered CPAs, enrolled agents and managers nationwide.


PERS offers many options. Students can get accredited with their chosen school of choice as well as a variety of non-profit organizations nationwide including the American Board of Accountancy (ABOA) and the National Association of Boards of Accountancy (NABOC). PEPS also has an online degree program.

PERS is very effective. They help the professional gain access to the latest technology, training and tools to help them continue to advance in their career. Most PERS courses are scheduled around the calendar so that students have at least six months during which they can complete the coursework. Also, PEPS provides online courses so that students can attend their courses when it is convenient for them.

The learning tools that are used are also great. PEPS uses audio-visual tools, digital textbooks and interactive whiteboards to help their students stay on task and keep their focus on their chosen course. Also, PERS uses virtual learning modules to make their courses more interesting.

Courses offered include Accounting, Corporate, Business, Consumer, Information Technology, Real Estate, Supply Chain Management, Taxation, and Venture Capital. This list includes all courses that will be useful in the work environment today.

Professional Education Courses

Professional education courses are an important part of your overall education. These courses not only teach you the skills you need for your future but also help you to become a more knowledgeable employee. By taking classes in these fields, you will learn what it takes to effectively run your business, learn about new technology and meet your clients.

professional education

Accountancy, CPA, and CMA courses in California, for example, are offered by several schools and are designed to help those who are interested in becoming CPA’s. or CMA’s.

Courses are usually broken up into many units, but some courses may take a couple of months to complete. If you have an interest in a certain area, you will be able to complete many courses within a year.


When you enrol in a course in accounting, you will be given a CD ROM containing lesson plans and study material. Besides, you will be assigned a mentor, or CPA, to guide you through your studies. This will give you the support that you need as you become an accountant.

The first part of the course is usually about learning how to prepare a financial statement. You will be given a detailed account sheet and a chart to help you organize this information. The next step is about learning how to organize and analyze financial data and interpret it.

To learn how to perform these activities, you will need to take classes in bookkeeping. and bookkeeping software, which will provide you with many opportunities to practice the skills that you learn.

The final part of the course is about using financial statements to help you understand the basics of business. You will also learn how to determine trends, generate a business plan, use a computer to conduct business analysis and apply to the account. You will be required to create a profit and loss statement, organize your books and organize your finances to determine where your money is going.

Many accountants need to work closely with their mentors during the entire duration of their course. It is their mentors who will make all the decisions for them. So it is important to find a good instructor who can help you succeed.

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