ARM & LEG PROTECTORS for Prevention of Skin Tears & Trauma

Designed to assist with the prevention of trauma and skin tears to the limbs and to protect people with ‘tissue thin skin’. Leg and arm protectors offer additional protection against injury or injury sustained during routine care. Research has shown that skin tears are often sustained during manual handling, bathing and showering, or when assisting individuals to transfer from bed to chairs.

The leg & arm protectors have the added advantage of offering a support surface for those who are frail or immobile by preventing injuries that often result from friction or shear forces. Additionally, they can ensure bony prominences are not in direct contact with each other.


Particular individuals identified at a high risk of developing skin tears or injuries to the limbs include those who are immobile and dependent on others for assistance with transferring or changing positions, individuals who are bed or chair fast, those with peripheral neuropathy, history of stroke, diabetes, the frail elderly and those suffering cognitive decline.



                                                                       ActionWorks LEG PROTECTORS




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Filled with 12mm foam and covered with an off-white soft polyester cotton interlock fabric. Each leg protector has two soft beige Velcro straps that will adhere on contact. The straps can be cut and will self-seal should a shorter length be required for the individual user. The leg protectors are sold in pairs, are lightweight, conformable and washable. Size is 27cmX37cm. They can be worn under garments as well as sleepwear.




                                                                ActionWorks ARM PROTECTORS




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Made with a 6mm layer of foam covered with an off-white polyester cotton interlock. The arm protectors are wrapped around the forearm and fastened with soft Velcro inserts to fit snuggly. The arm protectors
are sold in pairs, they are very light in weight, conformable and washable. Size is 21cm X 34cm. The skin protectors are light weight, comfortable and assist with circulation and the retention of warmth. They can be worn under garments as well as sleepwear.



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ActionWorks can provide you and your staff with articles it has had published on the prevention of skin tears published in INsite & the Nursing Review 


ActionWorks also delivers an Education session on 'The Prevention & Management of Skin Tears' to healthworkers working in aged care and residential facilities. The best practice  Accreditation Standards are addressed in this session.requirements of the Aged Care



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